Photo LA 2013, the sad state of a photography art fair

Today I went to Photo L.A. in Santa Monica expecting…well, I don’t know, something else besides what I saw. Last year I missed this expo because of a scheduling conflict, so I was kinda excited to come and see it this year. Sadly – the only thing more amazing than the amount of people taking the work seriously was the amount of bad work. Don’t get me wrong, not all of it was bad – but one had to sift through the endless amount of B/W rockstar photos, digital paintings and collages, abandoned buildings, and naked people (90% women with a penis or two mixed in) to get to anything decent. Speaking of which, it is absolutely reprehensible the amount of B/W “artistic” takes on the female nude I saw. WHY IS THIS STILL A THING?? WHY must people photograph, buy, distribute, show, or even think about the female nude anymore? Is there something I’m missing? THAT SHIT IS TRITE. Plus – if I ever walked into anyone’s house or property and saw as many female nudes as I saw in this show I’D BE CREEPED THE FUCK OUT…kinda like I was today walking out of the expo.

Now that I got that off my chest, I do have to say the best work I saw was from the corner where they shoved all the student work. CSU Northridge, Otis, and Santa Monica College all had strong showings. Out of the “inside” expo, Jancar, dnj, Wessel O’Conner, and a Chinese gallery called Time and Space Gallery (or something like that) were looking pretty good. I guess I could give the award to the best display of nudes to Jancar Gallery simply because at least their showing was tasteful and somewhat fresh.

Definitely won’t be going back next year, hell, my camera will be lucky if it doesn’t get sold in the next week.

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