#Kickstarter : 24 Hours of Le Mans Performance #art

#Kickstarter : 24 Hours of Le Mans Performance #art

Just launched a Kickstarter project to fund my thesis! Checkout the video in the link, here is the description:

24 Hours of Le Mans is a sculptural installation and performance project involving an emergent artist, Chris Silva – a resident of California who will be collaborating with Benedict Radcliffe, who resides in London, UK; 24 Hours of Le Mans will center on a full-scale 3D wire-frame race car (2010 Peugeot 908 HDI FAP) equipped with a fully functioning steering wheel, pedals and transmission shifter mounted in a gallery space with sound and 1 countdown timer. See attached documentation of wire-frame automobile concept drawings. For the installation, Silva, dressed in a full race suit and helmet will ‘drive’ the stationary vehicle for 24 hours thereby simulating the time scale of the world’s oldest endurance racing competition established in 1923 at Le Mans, France. An assistant will be present recording the lap times displayed within the virtual environment, which is based on the video game, Gran Turismo 5. Only Silva and his assistant will be able to see the environment in which the audience is hearing. The reason for this is because it is important that the audience is not witnessing Chris play the game, but to focus on the movements of the artist and the reactionary nature of the sound that is in the space as Chris engages in the virtual race. The project engages issues of endurance and masculinity, speed and stasis, risk and simulation and highlights the distance between real world performance and virtual participation.



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